Neopolis Ltd.

Bulgarian construction company

Neopolis / in translation Neo=New and Polis =City / was born in the beginning of 2005 as a result of the great investor interest in Bulgaria, just before our country joined the EU.
In the first years after the foundation of the company, we mainly carried out our investment projects for the construction and sale of apartments, but very soon managed to win the trust of many other investors and individuals.We are unlike any ‘investor’ or company, our basic and foremost principle is serving the customer and placing the customers needs first, as we look ahead to the future. It is safe to say that this has helped us to overcome the economic crisis in Europe, followed by the collapse of the property market in Bulgaria and the total outflow of Russian investors over the last few years.

And the future has come!

Today, 15 years after the company was founded, we have built dozens of residential buildings with a total built-up area of over 16,000 square meters. The number of self contained sites / apartments, offices, shops and garages / in our buildings exceeds 200 and our clients exceed 100.
Our numbers may be high but this is not the only thing what has strives us to do better. We are based on complete honesty and trustworthiness, we work for the customer!

Vasil Karidkov

Founder and Manager

Over the last 15 years, the company has completed and marketed over 200 apartments, outlets, offices and garages in various buildings mainly in Sinemorets, Ahtopol and Tsarevo.

In addition, the company has had the honor of executing numerous home or corporate investor projects. In his portfolio there are also major repairs of hotels and private homes, construction of a playground, church finishing and many more.


Neopolis Ltd. is registered in the Bulgarian Construction Chamber with protocol No 0245 of September 16, 2010.

The clients of the company can rely on Neopolis for all stages of the construction works: consulting in the selection of land / property, design, excavation, construction, finishing works, maintenance and management of the property.

The company has qualified employees, own construction equipment, shuttering, scaffolding and everything needed for a modern construction.

Propriety, innovation, and honesty are the core values of Neopolis. The company's loyal customers are multiplying and we are proud of the many good reviews.

The mission of the company is to give its customers a home built in a healthy and peaceful environment near the sea. A home that the whole family will live in happily ever after.